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Joe Mullin.
Im the Assistant Production Director for WSBU FM, the #1 college radio station in the U.S.A.
This blog will feature any new music I come across, whether it be a single, an EP, or a full length album, I will review every genre. This is the Ambient Aftermath.

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  • January 21, 2012 9:17 pm

    Check this group out: Makeshift

    I’m proud to present, Makeshift. A jam band hailing from Chicago. They have an impressively familiar sound thats like listening to O.A.R.’s the Wanderer.

    Their first EP, These Days, gives a really strong island vibe. Makeshift features a two guitar, bass and drum kit setup with a keyboard and saxophone on top, giving them a lot to work with in terms of style. They have a really cool reggae side to them that they play with and blend in rock elements. They do this very well and a lot of the elements they introduce to each track have a really cool way of presenting the mood of the song and truly making the group stand out. The lyrics are very impressive on this EP. They are clear and they have a nice flow to each line, immediately noticeable in “One Day”

    These Days was a really strong EP and after one full listen it is truly worth a second and third.

    Their second EP is called On the Horizon and was just released on the 15th and with it they brought back the same sound and talent as they did on These Days only every track is fresh, new and well mixed. The quality of recording increased dramatically between the two EP’s and it only makes you like the band more. 

    In On the Horizon their style changes just slightly to include a Slightly Stoopid kind of guitar melody. It’s fantastic. They have elements from a lot of the greatest jam bands out there like Dispatch, O.A.R., Sublime and SOJA. In their track “Pure Imagination” they even feature a vocal style that sounds like a Mighty Mighty Bosstones tune. And then out of nowhere in On the Horizon, "Out of Control" sounds like early an early Dave Matthews Band. Bassist Joe Messersmith gives a real display of talent on this EP.

    After just one track, you will want to listen to another, and then from there you gotta at least listen to a whole EP. They have a solid sound and a really chill quality to them. They are fresh and new and they are good. Tt will be really great to hear more from the up and coming band. Check them out on their Facebook fan page. They could be big.

    Follow them on twitter: @makshift_IL

    Seriously, hit these tracks up:

    One Day- off of These Days

    One Day by AmbientAftermath

    Island Song- off of These Days

    Island Song by AmbientAftermath

    Pure Imagination- off of On the Horizon

    Pure Imagination by AmbientAftermath

    What We’ve Done- off of On The Horizon

    What We’ve Done by AmbientAftermath